Your Mr Right – How to Make Him Call You!

How to make him call you when you think that you’ve found your Mr Right? This is something that many women are having problem and confused with guy they are attracted to. Probably you met this Mr Right long back online and you both had a casual date. He looked so handsome and very decent. However, you are not sure if he would call you again or not and you did not want to make a first move. You don’t know what is your next move.

I can say it was about ego. After the first date you came home and you are so obsessed with him. His voice was husky and he sounded sexy, no wonder why you were obsessed with him. Moreover, he was a gentleman, he reminded you of some medieval knight, filled with chivalry.

You have everything in your hands if you meet someone you like! You do not have to wait for him to make a first move; you can break the ice by calling him just for a casual talk. Take the initiative and do not bother about your ego. Call him and ask him how he is and how is everything. Tell him frankly that you have had been thinking about him lately and he is one of the best persons you met so far. This will make him feel a bit comfortable. It is not compulsory that he will call you back again. If you do not hear from him for the next two days, do not panic. Do not think in a negative way such as “I guess he is not interested in me” or “maybe he’s already taken”. No, this might not be the reason. Reasons could be anything and maybe he is busy in his work or family or could be anything. Give him some time, for at least a week.

If he doesn’t call you, do not call him back and for sure, he will call you after ten days thinking about you as to why you did not call him and what made you leave him completely. You have to know that men are sensitive towards women emotionally and if you do not keep in touch with him, he will, for sure think the same way as you have thought about him. Now, you have to learn how to give him a reason to call you! When everything turns its back on you, do not panic but wait for him to call you, no matter what, let the guy call you and ask about you.

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