Who are the Kalash People in Pakistan? | Travel Documentary

Who are the Kalash People in Pakistan? | Travel Documentary

In this video, we are travelling to a lesser-known place on planet Earth, a remote valley in Pakistan, an area where the ancient group of Kalash lives. There are less than 4000 Kalash people left in the world, and we are going to celebrate and dance with them at their annual Kalash festival.

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50 thoughts on “Who are the Kalash People in Pakistan? | Travel Documentary”

  1. Fascinated by the culture of this beautiful people. Hope the extremist Islamists of Pakistan don't harm them because the mentality of this extremists are to convert others or oppress them.

  2. If kalash people are not able to live and practice their tradition freely and are suppressed by Islamic jihadies for forceful conversion then can come to INDIA 🇮🇳 AND live peacefully. The doors are always open to our brothers and sisters ❤ LOVE YOU

  3. Not many know this, but the Kalash are rumored to be descendants of pezhetairoi loyal to Alexander the great! There is no way to collaborate this, BUT nonetheless interesting to say the least AND very much a possibility!

  4. 🙏🤔🙄The Kalash people are a small religious and ethnic minority of Pakistan. The Kalash religion is polytheist faith similar to ancient forms of Hinduism and the people offer sacrifices for their gods. Their culture is interlinked with their religion and includes several unique festivals and celebrations. The people generally do not intermarry or cohabit regions with local Muslims but neither are they hostile towards them. The people are under legal and constitutional protection of the State of Pakistan as a scheduled tribe🙏

  5. जय माता महागौरी महागौरी महागौरी महागौरी महागौरी देवी माता 🙏

  6. another old video is "Kalash, Greeks of Himalayan"
    Just observe the differences in clothes and just notice how folklor touristic view (demand/money) dissolve authentic cultural elements into tribalistic features to entertain tourists in a few decades.

  7. Don't feel sad Hindus.

    We will Reconquer those lands From Balk herat, hundukush to Kafiristan.

    to Swat valley to Gilgit to Baluchistan to sindh
    To Bangladesh.

    This Will reconquer by Hindus once again.

    We will Rebuilt Buddha Statues in Bamiyan.

    Shiva temple in Kabul.

    Krishna Temple In Kandahar.

    Buddhist stupas in Balk and herat.

    Akhand Bharat is our long time dream.

    This land From Afghanistan to Bangladesh is of Hindus not of Vidharmis.

    Hindus are real inhabitants of this land.

    We Will recreate Mauryan Empire and Gupta Empire's Glory once agian for permanent.

    It will take some time for sure may be 100-200 years.

    But once we Got a Real Hindu Leader Like Chandragupta Maurya, Ashoka or Samudragupta

    This will be a reality.

    We Hindoos just need a Strong ambitious leader like them.

  8. They preserve their greek customs they greek memories despite the years
    dances , produce wine only Greeks produce wine,
    Their architecture greek columns , greek memories of the greek religion god's and names of their ancestors

    Greetings from Hellas

    And I see many have greek features

  9. They have been decreasing now because Muslims are slowly entering over there and girls are being converted. God knows how many years left for us to remain kalashi as infiltration is happening because of social media

  10. Why do I see Indians on every Pakistani video they all haters with small penises who are jealous of Pakistanis in everyway stick to Indian call centre scams n tourists are known to be sexually harassed in India n mugged

  11. I am a Dogra from Jammu and studied in Kashmir Valley.The reality is these people are indigenous Aryans. This race originated in the northwestern region of the Indian subcontinent and touching Central Asia. By fake propaganda they are made to believe they are Greeks, Macedonians, etc. this is a fraud. No proof of Alexander having arrived in this region. He fought Raja Puru at Jehlam (and who won or lost is anybody's guess) retreated backwards. These people have quite a bit common with Kashmir Valley. Though many people in Kashmir Valley follow Semitic Islam now.

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