Where Are You Now?

Where Are You Now?

Where Are You Now?

… it’s my black and white interpretation of Afghan Girl. Created for Looking Close… on Friday! theme… "Nothing in Focus (black and white)"

Afghan Girl is a 1984 photographic portrait of Sharbat Gula, also known as Sharbat Bibi, taken by photojournalist Steve McCurry. It appeared on the June 1985 cover of National Geographic.
The identity of the photo’s subject was not initially known, but in early 2002, she was identified as Sharbat Gula. She was a Pashtun child living in the Nasir Bagh refugee camp in Pakistan during the Soviet occupation of Afghanistan when she was photographed.

The photo has been likened to Leonardo da Vinci’s painting of the Mona Lisa and been called "the First World’s Third World Mona Lisa". The image became "emblematic" of "refugee girl/woman located in some distant camp" and a symbol of Afghanistan to the west.

Do you want to know the real story?https://www.nationalgeographic.com/magazine/article/afghan-girl-revealed

If you like anything on my photos, I’m very pleased… just share your kindness… thanks 🙂

Posted by Jarek Jahl on 2021-08-26 11:19:03

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