Unfiltered: 'Prostitution is not going anywhere'

Unfiltered: 'Prostitution is not going anywhere'

Get an inside look at the day-to-day life of a legal brothel in the only U.S. state where prostitution is not criminalized, through the eyes of Dena, the madam.


13 thoughts on “Unfiltered: 'Prostitution is not going anywhere'”

  1. When perfected sex robots come of age then female will lose all their power & pimps/prostitutes will mostly go out of business.
    Unfortunately, both situations (sex for hire & sex with a computer/machine) are bad and hurt the human soul.

  2. Why can’t Florida and other states wise up and realize how much money can be made on legalizing it and how much safer it would be and that the woman deserve the freedom to be happy doing what they want or if not help finding something else …if they’re not happy doing that. it’s amazing that Nevada was the only place in US where they actually had common sense/ smarts to legalize it there… knowing there are more pros to cons. here in florida these idiots fight it n fight it with no accomplishment after years and years! Its a war that will never be won because no matter what they do woman will always demand that right to true freedom to do as she wishes with her own body ( for some doing what makes her happy) , and ruining the lives of the sex workers and the Johns accomplishes nothing! all it does is piss everyone off more , stripping us of our rights, and hurting those that are just trying to survive (worker) , or get that attention that may be lacking( for the John). Let’s start judging only those that deserve to be judged like rapists, abusers, molesters, murderers etc. not woman n men who are having consensual sex!

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