The Big Secret to Have Girls Chase You is to Stop Chasing Them! Read This Right Away

It is a fact that women have a lot more choices when it comes to dating in comparison to men. An average woman gets hit on by a guy every day and is very used to the amount of attention that she receives. It can also be safely assumed that women also feel that it is very natural to receive this attention. But when a guy does not chase a woman and does not let her have her way at all times that is when she begins to notice him. Here are a few ways to use this reverse psychology to get them to chase you.

Be the bad boy

You need to become the “bad boy”. Women are drawn to men who they cannot control. Don’t be too nice to her and don’t behave as if you will spend the rest of your life waiting around for her. You have to give the impression that there are many fish in the sea and you have your options open.

Be a little selfish

When you learn to become a little more selfish than you really are, women automatically get drawn to you. Make the woman feel that you will do as you please and will not listen to what she or anyone else does. This will separate you from the rest of the men who waste all their time waiting upon women. They read this as a very masculine trait and will line up to be with the alpha male who doesn’t give a damn about anyone else!

Don’t call too often

Avoid calling her if you really like her. Give her a call only once in a while and wait for some time perhaps a couple of days before you call again. Meanwhile, let one or two of her messages go to the answering machine and don’t call back immediately. This will make her crave for your active interest and will make her chase you.

Build some mystery

Don’t be very open about yourself; don’t rattle on about what you do and who all you meet etc. Tell her enough but leave some bit of information out. Make her work for the information that she wants. This will build up an intrigue in her and she will be hooked on to you for longer.

Don’t look too interested

Be casual in your approach towards her. In a room full of people don’t concentrate only on one woman. Circulate yourself and be open to meeting more people. The lesser interest you show, the more will she be interested in you.

Be the chooser

Get into the position of the chooser and not the choice. Make it known by your questioning that you are the one screening her and it is not the other way around. Once she realizes that you are the one in charge then she will begin to work for your approval.

Have an indifferent approach

Don’t try to convince her about how you feel about her. Be a little indifferent towards her while being flirty and charming. Just make her feel that this is second nature and you are this comfortable with all women that you meet. Once she feels that you are not chasing her, she will begin the chase herself.

Source by Rahul Talwar

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