Sending My Indian Wife to PAKISTAN (Kartarpur Corridor & Gurudwara)

Sending My Indian Wife to PAKISTAN (Kartarpur Corridor & Gurudwara)

I sent my Indian wife to Pakistan… across the brand new Kartarpur Corridor to visit Gurdwara Sri Kartarpur Sahib! Manisha will take you through the entire process of crossing the border to Pakistan and I’ll cover what’s available for foreigners like me who aren’t allowed to go. Manisha also gives all her reactions to being an Indian in Pakistan for the first time. Now, let’s go meet some Pakistanis!

For full information on how to travel to Kartarpur Sahib via the Corridor see

Gurudwara Sri Kartarpur Sahib is where Sikhismโ€™s founder, Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji, spent the last 18 years of his life. Access to the Gurudwara was cut off after partition. But now Indian pilgrims can access it from India via the Kartarpur Corridor that extends 4.5 km into Pakistan.

Pakistan and India worked together to build the Kartarpur Corridor and from my wife’s reaction, I can see that it’s bringing Indians and Pakistanis closer together.

What’s wrong with my Wife’s skin?

My wife, Manisha Malik, has her own Indian fashion channel to @ManishaMalikIndia. Or follow her on Instagram


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23 thoughts on “Sending My Indian Wife to PAKISTAN (Kartarpur Corridor & Gurudwara)”

  1. Please visit Karachi, Islamabad and NWFP and observe the cleanliness. Also the number of Hindus being massacred and Hindu temples being destroyed every day!

  2. Your honestly a twat! You make these videos โ€œexposingโ€ scammers etc! You have to understand no doubt what these scammers are doing is wrong! But they are in a situation where they are helpless because of the fact they donโ€™t live in a first world country! You are trying to compare these people who live in a first world democracy!! I donโ€™t think you understand the context of what is happening! Your just a ignorant causation man that doesnโ€™t know what his talking about

  3. Hey Mate… I like your videos, you have very good talent with your amazing voice quality and style.. The only thing I'd want you to change is reduce or stop using the word 'Naa' in the end of the sentence.. Its more of a question mark โ“ when you are unsure..but you are using it everywhere.. ๐Ÿ˜….. Anyway all the best!!

  4. This just proves the divide between Indians /Punjabi's and Pakistani's are caused by the media, ultimately the division imposed by the British during the segregation! We are all the same. We are made of the same mitti, come from familiar backgrounds, we even share some aspects of our culture.

    I completely agree with what Manu said, "Don't listen to the media or politicians, use your own mind!". What used to be the state of Punjab is much of Pakistan today. Sikh's will coincide with Pakistani's in peace and visit Gurdwara's that reside in Sikhi culture but on Pakistani land with no problem it seems. The people seem happy to be able to invite Indian's and foreigners to Pakistan, it'd be a dream come true to go there myself one day ๐Ÿฅฐ.

  5. Hey Karl I'm a pakistani American
    I like your Chanel manisha's trip to pakistan and her comments were so beautiful it's bring tears in my eyes
    She is such a nice person and both of you make a beautiful couple
    God bless you

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