Russian Girl Stayed in a STRANGERS House in Pakistan And This Is What Happened!

Russian Girl Stayed in a STRANGERS House in Pakistan And This Is What Happened!

It is my first time in Pakistan and in this video, we will explore the Northern part of Pakistan – the mountains of Abbottabad, an amaìng and breathtaking nature of Pakistan. A lot of things surprised and impressed me, JOIN me on my journey on this adventure, and together we will explore the country from the North all the way to the South of Pakistan! I spent one month in Pakistan and every week I will create and publish one story from different parts of Pakistan!

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26 thoughts on “Russian Girl Stayed in a STRANGERS House in Pakistan And This Is What Happened!”

  1. Are you israelite? You look like one of our women, maybe armenian or georgian, they are a step closer the Land of Israel. I am looking for the last yiebrei women in russia! Maybe wanna have a date (not with you, you seem to be married).

  2. the thing is we pakistani dont care about skin color ethnicity nationality we just love humanity at the end of the day we all are same the humans
    and also it,s a part of our religon and culture

  3. Nice 👍 All countries are beautiful but Pakistan Is one of them including it's Natural beautiful places, hospitality, And warm welcome to Guest , which is our identity.
    Pakistan Zindabad.

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