“Representation” Poem by Ahmed M. Badr

"Representation" Poem by Ahmed M. Badr

“One of many, we rise to proclaim: we are not a single story.”

Ahmed M. Badr composed this original poem in response to messages and stories of climate action gathered by Connect4Climate (C4C) at the Youth4Climate summit in Milan. C4C then partnered with Little Amal, an 11-foot puppet representing a refugee girl, who brought these voices of youth climate leaders with her to Glasgow for COP26. Many of these Youth4Climate champions joined her at COP to present the Youth4Climate Manifesto to leaders and call for urgent climate action rooted in climate justice.

Join the “One of Many” project: https://c4c.ink/OneOfMany

Explore the Youth4Climate Manifesto: https://www.connect4climate.org/initiative/unpacking-youth4climate-delegates-asks-urgent-climate-action

Youth4Climate Contributors: Angela Busheska (Macedonia), Azeez Abubakar (Nigeria), Elshaday Berhanu (Ethiopia), Esmeralda Wirtz (Belgium), Federica Gasbarro (Italy), Jezabel Figueroa (Nicaragua), Johanna Schwarz (Germany), Kami Krista (Austria), Louise Mabulo (The Philippines), Ludovic Sawadogo (Burkina Faso), Maximo Mazzocco (Argentina), Merima Hrapovic (Bosnia and Herzegovina), Meth Abeysinghe (Sri Lanka), Morgan Mpandi (Democratic Republic of the Congo), Natalie Mangondo (Zimbabwe), Neeshad Shafi (Qatar), Nissa Bek Derna (Libya), Paola Flores Carvajal (Bolivia), Paul Busulwa (Uganda), Reekelitsoe Molapo (Lesotho), Reem Alsaffar (Iraq), Rose Kobusinge (Uganda), Ruth Łchav’aya K’isen Miller (USA), Zainab Waheed (Pakistan).

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