Ravish Kumar on Adani and NDTV: Godi Seths Can't Silence Journalists With Courage in their Hearts

Ravish Kumar on Adani and NDTV: Godi Seths Can't Silence Journalists With Courage in their Hearts

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In an interview to discuss and explain his resignation from NDTV India, where he was the channel’s star anchor on their Prime Time programme, and to also discuss Gautam Adani’s intention of acquiring a majority stake in NDTV and take over its channels, Ravish Kumar says that Mr. Adani is spending hundreds or thousands of crores only to silence him (Ravish Kumar) and to make him unemployed.

Editor’s Note: In the interview, Ravish Kumar spoke of an Adani stake in ‘Quint’; in fact Adani contracted to buy a 49% stake in the business news website BloombergQuint earlier this year. The site, now called BQPrime, is a separate entity to the website The Quint

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46 thoughts on “Ravish Kumar on Adani and NDTV: Godi Seths Can't Silence Journalists With Courage in their Hearts”

  1. I salute this man. He's more honest and loyal to his work and refused to bow down before the "So called Lords" and lick their boots. He's stronger in his faith than many "believers" should be.
    Fanoos bann kar jiski hifazat Hawa kare
    Wou Shamma kya bujhe jise Roshan Khuda kare.

  2. We are so lucky to have Karan…Karan is, you are no less than an artist…beautifully articulated interview and your words shine when u speak in English…like your home turf…

  3. Ravish Kumar was absolutely silent when his Congress-godi Seth and Sethani were caught siphoning off money and converting it into black money. For this Magsasay-winner that inconvenient truth was something to be hidden, while pontificating about the BJP, Adani and the Godi media. No wonder The Wire invited its own kind to commiserate.

  4. Ravish Kumar is a LEGEND Journalist.

    Modi, Adani and Godi media is completely FRAUD and people of India has realized this. But unfortunately Andhbhakts are still trying for Fraud Modi to win in 2024. But someday it's my strong belief that Modi will loose election. MAY GOD SAVE US.

  5. तिखी सच्ची आलोचना के जन्मदाता करण थापर और धारा के आगे ले जाने वाला और उसे जिंदा रखनेवाले दो दिग्गज साथ मे हो तो जुगलबंदी का अहसास होता है। Please keep it up jointly.

  6. D / Karan Thapaड़ bhai !
    Thanks a lot for bringing forward a very rational subject matter, which is very apprehensive for the bias less report about one's own country and if it is going so , it would be bad for the healthy democracy. My thanks to both Ravish & Karan Bhai ,The great sentinels, love you… !

  7. A pm who cannot face the press means he has no confidence to face the people.and peoples questions. Press represents people. Freedom of press is the essence of democracy. Govt. Is doing right or wrong is gauged by how will you face the press.

  8. In the current scenario, where most of the News Channel Anchors simply Bark (on the order of their SPINELESS SETHs) on issues which doesn't have any relevance with regards to the Nation, you two, have the guts and the Spirit to keep the Flame of True Journalism lighted.
    Salute you both Sir !!

  9. Carry on Karan with rubbish Kumar? If 99.99999 media is godi media, it includes his programmes also in ndtv. He could have said 90% and not 99.9999 …
    Wonder if Ravish Kumar did not know about presence of foreign hands in sustaining ndtv and manipulating the news in favour of Congress.

  10. Waiting is beautiful ( though is very tough) good days will come for india.50% of the people are just patiently waiting… truth and honesty will 100% win very soon …

  11. We wish in Pakistan, we have clones of this fearless journalist. Indians should feel proud of him as someone is there to speak about deprived people.This journalist is equally loved in Pakistan.

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