Prostitution in Dubai/ An expose-ey of the Prostitution Business in Dubai

Prostitution in Dubai/ An expose-ey of the Prostitution Business in Dubai

Yes, Prostitution exist in Dubai, I will not deny with this fact. But Being an Independent Dubai escort I believe Dubai is the only place / city where human trafficking is not happening like other metropolitan cities of the world. Every women sex worker visit Dubai meet anyone it’s with her own consent. I have been to many cities in the world where prostitutes / sex workers are escorting like Europe, USA and Asia believe me Every where you will find human trafficking, gangs, Stupid Agents dealing this industry. Thanks to the authorities in Dubai here no gang is operating who’s involved in trafficking. Dubai one of the safest place on earth for tourist and residents. Still i am not defending prostitute should exist yes it’s 100% illegal in Dubai but if a women meet with any men with her own consent what ever happens in between that time it’s depend on both individual either they do sex or just a discussion or a coffee date and there is no harm if one is paying to other for the time. Again big thanks to UAE news laws like living together without marriage, Couple can hotel check-in together if even not married and gradually the laws are getting easier when it comes to meeting a men with women.
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