Proper Wording For a Baby Shower Invitation

Need a wording guide for your baby shower invitations? This article will help you to include all the important information as well as how to word it properly.

Don’t get caught up in the look of your invitation and forget about the most important stuff – the information. This will prevent a lot of confusion and unnecessary emails and phone calls.

OK, so I am sure you know the basics to include like date, time, place, and, of course, who it is for. Something that I have often seen left out is where the mother is registered. If she is not registered anywhere, then you could include a list of items that she needs and colors or themes she is using in the baby’s nursery. Also, let the guests know if she is having a boy or girl.

Another thing that will save you a lot of communication with the guests is including a detailed map or print out of the directions. Don’t assume that everyone will know how to get there. Also, don’t ask the guests to rely on Map Quest or any other service like that. These services can sometimes be unreliable. I once attended a baby shower that hardly anyone came to. I found out later that many of the guests couldn’t find it because directions weren’t included.

Don’t forget to include RSVP with your contact information. Consider including your email and cell phone number as well. This way people will have the option of sending a quick response through email. Also, by including your cell number, guests will have a number to call in case they do get lost.

Should you put “regrets only” instead of RSVP? It is a personal preference. Either way, you will have some people that say they are coming and don’t show and people that come and you weren’t expecting them. You can also consider putting a date that you would like guests to RSVP by.

One last thing to consider is if the baby shower will be “floating”. This just means that guests can drop in any time during the shower.

Here is a sample of the proper wording for a baby shower invitation:

Buttons and Bows

Ribbons and Curls

Sarah Rose Is Expecting a Girl

Please be our guest

Sunday, June 20th / 2:00pm

For a baby shower honoring the mother-to-be

3813 Weaver Way, Burlington, NC 27215

Hosted by Melanie Coble

RSVP <a href=””></a> or 337-678-9050

Sarah is registered at Babies R Us and Pottery Barn Kids

Source by Stephanie Harrison

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