Private investigator: Getting prostitutes faster than getting pizza in Hialeah

Private investigator: Getting prostitutes faster than getting pizza in Hialeah

A private investigator says getting prostitutes is faster than getting pizza in Hialeah.


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  1. Oh dig this one. lol. When I was living with Tammy I'd hear, from other guys she wouldn't give the time of day, oh don't mess with her she's got aids. No she didn't! A few years later, just like she told me, she made her OTHER johns HAT UP! Just like she told me, I went to donate blood. They gave me all the tests. I came up clean as a whistle. Everybody, "oh you just got lucky!" I got lucky when I MET that BABY DOLL! She was straight up cool with me! She was the best friend I ever had in my life. Tammy straight up looked out for me! I'd had a nervous breakdown. She could've killed me, but instead she treated me great. Tammy., sometimes, she'd get a little feisty. She stole this guy name Frank's car. She never returned it. She took it to the lake and left it there. lol. One day, she was a little jealous cause I was sneaking with a red head. lol. She asked me if she could use my car. I gave her the keys. She left me standing down town. About 30 minutes passed and I thought she wouldn't come back, but she did come back, and she was crying. Tammy, "Tim. I'm sorry! I can't do that you you. You are so nice to me! I can't steal it," and she handed me the keys and kind of punched me in the jaw a little. I laughed so hard! I almost passed out! She hugged the hell out of me and we got drunk. lol

  2. I literally do LOVE all women, but it's not safe out there girl. Feel free to check my story. In the 1990's, I lived with a woman prostitute who would tell people she was my wife. She loved me, but she hooked and we were cool. She also had a girlfriend. I knew. I was cool. She'd also hook me up with her friends. She knew. I knew. We were cool. I TAKES the bad with the good. I'm STILL that Tim inside. I will ALWAYS be that lovable teddy bear man! But, dig this, LISTEN TO THIS! There are some bad ones out there! GET OUT or at least have a select few that you know won't hurt you. Tammy Benoit is the name of the woman I lived with her. I LOVED her like a wife! I swear! I brought her dinner all the time. I bought her cigs. She also gave me money sometimes. But, I didn't take all her money. We were straight up friends, and what she did for me will stick with me all throughout ETERNITY! I was hurtin'. I had nobody! She became my SOMEBODY! She became my best friend. Tammy has a tat of a unicorn on her breasts. She Portuguese and French. She's related to the Benoit out there in Massachusetts. She was a straight baby doll to me. I love baby girl. I'd never hurt baby girl. From the heart! But there are the type out there who will. BE WISE BABY GIRLS! Get a select few clients who you know ain't doing nothing that you don't want them to do. LIVE LONG! LIVE FREE! From the heart! FROM THE HEART baby girls! I WISH YOU THE BEST IN LIFE! This is Timdogg.

  3. All the prostitute buyers in the comment section 😂 I lost respect for americans, only reason they let these women into the country is so they can buy them for sex. most of you clearly need to get humbled, buying immigrant women for sex. I’ll leave you poor for fun.

  4. I used to be a prude about this. But sex work is real work and everyone needs sex when they are lonely and horny. Also sex work is the oldest profession in the world.

  5. It's one thing to investigate, but leave these women alone by trying to get them in trouble. Sexxxwork is real work and obviously their culture is different from yours. If you "don't have cash" then simply go home and fluck yourself.

  6. Thousands of dollars A-day for 15 minutes.
    Nobody's going to pay thousands of dollars for 15 minutes of a woman's time.
    Let's get the prices in more of a realistic point of view it's hundreds of dollars so therefore you would have to see Hundreds of disgusting, Ill mannered, Possibly bad hygiene. Definitely very focused About one thing on their mind type of men. And that's a hard person to deal with. That's a horrible job to have.
    How they were abused and what they were taught their value was. Plays a role in what they choose to do to support themselves. But you can't do this forever. There's a time limit on that. I feel sorry for the women. But in this video clip it's making them look like they're the bad guys. The bad guys are the Johns that are choosing to purchase them. There are the ones that you need to prosecute to the fullest extent of the law no matter if they are married. A lot of times they get off with the fine and their wives don't find out they should have to serve jail time. The men are coming to them they're not hunting down men. They would have to do something else if they weren't making any money at it. So maybe it comes down to why do men pay for sex? And how can you stop men from growing up to want to pay for sex.
    The world's oldest profession. And people have always had a problem with it yet there's always a clientele for it.

  7. If you want to get rid of the criminality surrounding prostitution, you don't shove it further into the dark by passing more laws or stricter laws….you bring it into the light by legalizing it. Then all the drug abuse, rape, assaults, and human trafficking go away because the girls (or guys) have a legal standing. No one can explain to me why is it illegal to take money for doing something that husbands and wives, boyfriends and girlfriends and just boys and girls do everyday???? And if you need to quote the Bible to me, I will make you both cry and hate me.

  8. Hahaha nah police is getting a cut they dint pay and didn't get a cut, I have seen their department getting involved with them as long as they get paid they didn't get in trouble they don't care and also charge

  9. Anyone that wants it can get it. It is absolutely moronic for it not to be legal. Why not clean it up, get rid of the crime associated with it, and tax it ?? It would make too much sense I assume.

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