Pakistani Police Bust Me… Eating Fish! (A Warning for Tourists)

Pakistani Police Bust Me... Eating Fish! (A Warning for Tourists)

Can’t a man just vlog and eat fish in peace in Pakistan? While eating in the Sikh holy city of Nankana Sahib, an unidentified security service agent finds me in a restaurant and reports me to the local Police station. Then a Punjab police officer sits next to me and forces me to ride back to my hotel with him.

According to that Punjab police officer, the protection of foreign tourists is their responsibility. However, I don’t think there’s any rule like that in Nankana Sahib. The only places that require you to travel with a security guard in Pakistan are, as far as I know, southern Punjab (below Multan) and Balochistan.

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00:00 Cops come for me in Pakistan
00:15 Where am I?
01:01 How grilled fish is made
01:36 Pakistani agent approaches me
03:02 What happened to my forehead?
04:03 Epic grilled fish review
05:01 Police officer enters the restaurant
05:35 Foreign tourist vs Pakistani Police
08:57 Ride in a Police car
10:18 Back in my hotel room
11:10 Why this is frustrating for tourists to Pakistan


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45 thoughts on “Pakistani Police Bust Me… Eating Fish! (A Warning for Tourists)”

  1. Boy you're lucky you got saved by the police. It does not matter if you want to roam free in a foreign land, the world and the world of crime does not move according to your wishes, pretty opposite. So you must respect the fact that in any third world country, a foreigner is mostly at risk in most areas that's a fact. It's somehow hard to believe you were unable to understand such a basic thing and were FRUSTRATED. I'm amazed

  2. As I see this video it's not safe country because of this background people 🙄 ,many people will regret to join in as tourism and mostly they lose the tourism of this behaviour that they show, so give respect 🙏

  3. Flew into Bangkok and knew the route home very well but had a taxi from someone I had used many times meet me. The driver started taking alternate routes and kept chatting and messaging on his phone. I knew something was about to happen. I messaged the taxi company owner and informed him that if this driver did not get on the correct route that I was able to drive myself home and his driver would be found in the trunk. DIdn't take long after his call that were were back on track

  4. you can't go to Pakistan and not have people being suspicious as to why you are going there I mean people see you and be like bruh we tryna leave why you coming here🤣😂

  5. I researched , according to Pakistan news some days ago A family of Brits were found dead in a luxurious hotel that’s why the police is maintaining strict protocols .

  6. Indian cops are scary because of your scary behaviour by violating the law and trying to kill yourself if you follow basic rules there is no need to be scared I have talked to a Indian police friendly as an Indian he looked scary but he also has a heart

  7. Thing is my mom told me that people in that country take advantage of foreginers or people from outside country as tehy are in assumption that you are a very rich person and have valuable belongings which is why the safety was a genuine concern for you

  8. This is what bothers me in India the most , I don't know how's many gangs from different pressure groups in society are active npw a days. This Army that army etc..every one playing cops and desh bhakt . You never know who any one at any point of time can create trouble to trap you.

  9. That was pretty cool, I think the police just wanted to make sure you were safe and werent gonna be scammed or something. Make their city safer for foreigners is something every place should be like. I can definitely see how it would be frustrating though.

  10. I have experienced this before also.. in small or isolated towns the police can be very concerned because they know if anything happens to you and it brings bad publicity to the country they are the ones that will be blamed and shamed regardless of their involvement or not. I always just stay friendly with them and co operate, promise to stick to the safe areas

  11. They were looking after your safety.
    Pakistan is a dangerous country for white people to travel on their own.
    Most will embrace you with open arms but there are some bitter and twisted souls there who may hurt you. Beware, especially if you are a female.

  12. Pakistani intelligence agency ISI at work.
    It is not weird, as foreigners usually avoid Pakistan, and when some do visit, there is a valid reason for them to smell "fishy" 😂

  13. You were lucky buddy. Those were local police personnel and were much more aware of the locality and crimes. If he would not had helped you then you might ve been kidnapped by some extremists or terrorists and your family would had to pay a huge amount. There is a saying in army – Don't be a gama in the land of lama so make sure to follow the advice of local police station and personnel for your safety.

  14. Karl , please Dont mind.
    If You are in Europe or US filming around, You are more likely to be stopped by Police and Private Security and even searched by Police more often. And
    on a lighter note, especially You Karl, may be stopped and searched more often in Your Own Country New Zealand, because Your Looks is more like druggie, innit 🤣🤣🤣

  15. Karl, You are from New Zealand.
    I have been in New Zealand as a vistor, and I have seen foreigners stopped and even searched by the Police Even more often.
    in Europe, Foreigners are stopped, questioned and even searched far far too many times than You have faced in India Or Pakistan. Just consider it a Normal thing in Today's World. Mostly, the aim of the Police is to provide Safety and Security. Sometimes, You are the Trouble to Others, and Sometimes, You may have trouble from others … innit !!

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