Men and Phone Calls – Simple Rules Women Should Follow

As women we seem to be constantly given conflicting advice regarding how to deal with men. Some relationship gurus tell us to take the bull by the horns and take control of the relationship while others tell us that men still want to set the pace when it comes to dating. It’s really difficult to know what is right and wrong, this is especially true when it comes to men and phone calls. Should you call the man you’re dating? Should you play telephone tag purposely with him or should you simply call him up when you feel like talking? It’s complicated and unless you have a clear cut idea of what approach works best, it’s incredibly confusing as well.

The age old issue of men and phone calls has plagued women forever. When you are dating a man and you believe the relationship could become serious you want to be certain to play your cards right. You don’t want to crowd him or make him think you are already planning the wedding. Instead, you want to create a feeling of desire in him. For that very reason you shouldn’t be the one chasing him down. Calling him non-stop simply to hear his voice or because you miss him will eventually take its toll on the relationship. Men are much more interested in a woman they have to contact than one that contacts them all the time.

If you’ve been dating for awhile and you are growing weary of waiting for your boyfriend to pick up the phone and call there’s also an approach that will work wonders for you. Men become complacent very easily and if you make the mistake of being the one to call him to make plans or to see how his day is going, he’ll never have reason to be the one reaching out to you. The easiest way to remedy this situation is to simply stop calling him. If you’ve called him every day for weeks to see how work went or to see what he’s up to in the evening, don’t do it again. It won’t take long before you will see his name and number on your caller display. He’ll wonder what could have possibly gotten in the way of you making your daily call to him. Once he realizes you just didn’t make the effort, he’ll start making more of an effort to call you.

Source by Gillian Reynolds

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