Karthik Calling Karthik – Tring Tring Tring (Ha Ha Ha, It’s Me Calling Myself)

Recently I happen to watch newly released movie in Bollywood “Karthik Calling Karthik”. Then soon after the climax, I decided to write on the sides of its storyline.

This movie has superb script and screenplay, as pretty evident from the name, movie centers around a guy Karthik, again Farhan Akhtar has justified the legacy he carries by his composed acting.

The start of the movie stands to be very light and in fact to some extent by seeing the promos, it can even be guessed but believe me this is not all. In starting the movie has regular stuff which hardly any Bollywood movie misses out, like boy secretly loving a girl but unable to express his feelings, girl having an affair with someone etc.

But the movie goes different after some half an hour when our Karthik receives a call from Karthik.

It sounds different, and top of that all the guesses to decode the storyline at the earlier stage of movie don’t go even close.

Not just that he does not receive this call once, in fact it becomes part of his life and he starts receiving the calls daily morning 5 AM. Karthik has been a very shy and least confident guy since childhood and he believes some of the incidents which have never taken place.

In the calls the caller Karthik suggests him some lifestyle changes to help him coming out of the shy character and lead a better life because Karthik was unhappy to an extent that he was going to end his life on his birthday because of complex feeling that no one wished him and he does not matter to the world.

But soon he realizes these calls have changed his life and he has become confident and impactful to his relationship with boss, girlfriend (played by Deepika Padukone).

Now everything was as good as Karthik wanted it to be, but mishap happens when he tells about these call to his girlfriend and Psychiatrist, He claims that he actually receives the calls and these calls have turned his life happy as never before but to the outside world he seems mental patient.

Now the caller Karthik who use to call him and help, turns angry about Karthk’s disclosure about these calls to his girlfriend and decides to ruin his life and soon his life collapses when other day he realizes that without him knowing any of it, he has donated his savings to a trust by phone banking, he has talked bogus to his girlfriend and tried blackmailing his boss. He ends up losing everything girlfriend, job etc. Now he claims to the world that it was not him but nothing seems to be working, he decides to move into obscurity keeping himself away from phones, known people.

Climax makes it all, at last he is found to be suffering from Schizophrenia.

It is found that he never had a brother but remained obsessed with feeling that he has killed him, and it’s really him with whom he talks daily morning on phone.

Calls were not just calls, today’s phone devices have lot of facilities out of which few are utilized to create the base of climax.

Keep guessing before you watch it.

This is must watch screenplay with an unusual and beyond the guess script.

Source by Anuj Awasthi

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