Journey along the silk road

Journey along the silk road

This is a short video for our recent trip to China, Pakistan and India.

We start our journey from Xian, the eastern end of the Silk Road. It is home for terracotta warriors, and great food! We continue our journey to Xinjiang and cross China-Pakistan border in Khunjerab Pass.

We know less about Pakistan, and don’t know much what to expect, but overall Pakistan is a great country and most of the people are very generous and helpful. It is easy to hitch hike especially in the Northern part of Pakistan. FYI, we have police escort most of the time, hundreds of checkpoint which only applied for tourist. my advised, if you taking a public transport, sit next to the door. it makes life a lot more easier for you, and other passenger. Something happened to us in Peshawar, and we decide to leave immediately, skip Islamabad, head straight to Lahore instead.

Closing ceremony in Wagah is must-watch! If you have time to witness it from both sides, just do it.

Our route:
KL-Xian-Urumqi-Kashgar-Karakul Lake-Tashkurgan-Passu-Karimabad-Gilgit-Mastuj-Chitral-Kalash Valley-Peshawar-Lahore-Amritsar-Delhi-Kolkata.

My first time making a video, and all footage is taken using a borrowed gopro.
Video + Editing : Erme
Music : We bought a zoo by Jonsi

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