36 thoughts on “Israelis: What do you think about Pakistan?”

  1. World’s biggest Terrorist country is america 🇺🇸 & his partner ISREAL

    Isreal is Main

    All Majority countries are Isrealis Popet

    Because power of Money (Banking system,WORLD BANK)

  2. They said they Don't know PAKISTAN, But one the other hand they were showing anger by calling it Terrorist. Superb Acting 👏😂
    Most probably they were just trying to pretend like they don't know about Pakistan…

  3. Pakistani new Vlogger :)– visiting Israel in April, want to see the reality by myself. Love for all Hate for none. Love and Peace. Do not listen to politicians who always spread hate or do things for their political gains.

    Just a clarification, Pakistan itself was a victim of terrorism because of politicians' poor decisions and foreign policy. Pakistan was a US ally when both countries helped Mujahidins (now Taliban) to fight against The USSR then after the war, they abandoned those fighters (groups) which became a nightmare for the whole country. It was the duty of both US and Pak to sort out those militants who helped them against the USSR but no one really bothered. Pakistan has lost more than 80,000 innocent civilians in the war against terrorism.
    By the way, I do not think Israel is a threat to Pakistan or Pakistan is a threat to Israel.

  4. I am pakistani and i am 22 years old i never ever hear that in Pakistan that israel will conquer pakistan 😂,But yeah i heard that Muslims gonna conquer again Jerusalem after hind war,just like Caliph umar bin khattab like Saladdin like ottoman empire,This is the our faith that muslim will go for hind war and Muslims will win after that muslims of the world will conquer Jerusalem in the leadership of Imam mehdi and jesus,israelis dont know what israel's founder said 80% of war israel already lose bcz they dont know about there people,but we know not only about them but also we know everything about our soldiers martyrs conquerers Leaders warriors and only me but every muslim will teach there kids about our islam's heroes just for to teach them that if you sacrifice your life for Allah if you fight for Allah then Allah will help you like Allah helped years ago muslims warriors leaders conquerors ,In the otherhand that israeli dont know anything ,

  5. Pakistan is the country who has no borders to Israel still is an enemy country for them😂😂😂
    Mean while israelis: pakistan is where Indians like PPL live in😂😂😂🤣🌟

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