I Tried Luxury Hotels in Pakistan (are they worth it?)

I Tried Luxury Hotels in Pakistan (are they worth it?)

While visiting Pakistan i spent several days in Islamabad and Lahore trying luxury hotels, but are they worth the money? During our first few days in Islamabad we stayed at Trivelles Executive Suites which is located outside of Islamabad center. For $70 USD per night you can have a stunning 1 bedroom apartment, or for $140 get a spacious two bedroom apartment on a high floor. After leaving Islamabad we drove to Lahore and stayed in Luxus Grand Hotel in their Royal Suite which is priced at $120 per night. Let me know in the comments below if you expected this in Pakistan and if it was worth the price?

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Video Breakdown by Chapters:
0:00 โ€” Inro
1:38 โ€” Rooftop
3:37 โ€” Apartment Tour
5:34 โ€” Lahore Hotel
7:05 โ€” Royal Suite
9:24 โ€” Room Service

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