I CAUGHT Scammers Preying on Tourists in Dubai! (Herbal Hair Loss Scam)

I CAUGHT Scammers Preying on Tourists in Dubai! (Herbal Hair Loss Scam)

There’s a lot of street scammers in Dubai, especially in the touristy Bur Dubai and Souk areas! They approach you on the street and promise to cure your hair loss or weight issues, but it’s all a scam.

They take you on a shopping tour of multiple stores. The first store is legitimate and you buy a cheap item. Then they take you to 1 or 2 other stores where they, and the store owner, try to sell you grossly overpriced spices for the “hair loss formula.” They’ll try to charge you up to 3000 Dirhams ($800) for their magic cure. Many tourists pay these crazy amounts just to get out of the store.

If you want some real herbal ayurvedic hair loss advice, see “Try Ayurveda for hair loss” https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/life-style/beauty/try-ayurveda-for-hair-loss/articleshow/10453366.cms. You can find many such formulas online and make them yourself, or buy readymade from an Indian store.

This miracle cure scam and many others are all across Meena Bazaar. There are people selling fake watches, overpriced dates, low-quality Indian clothing, and counterfeit sunglasses that they will tell you are real. Meena Bazaar, Bur Dubai, Deira, Gold Souk, Grand Souk, Spice Souk, and Utensil Souk are a hub for scammers. Do not trust anyone on the street in Dubai! Shop at reputable stores and not back alley stores.

“A man who works at a shop in Mina Bazaar said he has seen the touts approaching potential victims. “It’s disgraceful how these hawks prey on people’s insecurities. They are master manipulators. It’s a con ring involving the people on street. If I hear people asking for these shops, I warn them it’s a scam,” the man added.

“The shops have legitimate businesses licences and products. But they also sell dud stuff that doesn’t work,” he added.”” – Victims warn of hair-loss ‘cures’ offered by street touts https://gulfnews.com/going-out/society/victims-warn-of-hair-loss-cures-offered-by-street-touts-1.1697435

“Gulf News spoke to Dubai Police about the issue and they said that if a customer feels he or she is annoyed or harassed by the shopkeepers then they can call the police command room on 901 or go to the nearest police station to register a complaint.”

“Vendors in Bur Dubai promise ‘cure’ to hair loss, weight issues” https://gulfnews.com/uae/vendors-in-bur-dubai-promise-cure-to-hair-loss-weight-issues-1.65946041

“Fraudsters preying on bald, pot-bellied and middle-aged men” https://www.emirates247.com/news/emirates/fraudsters-preying-on-bald-pot-bellied-and-middle-aged-men-2013-08-30-1.519286


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39 thoughts on “I CAUGHT Scammers Preying on Tourists in Dubai! (Herbal Hair Loss Scam)”

  1. 🔞 The next Dubai scam vlog is age-restricted, so YouTube won't promote it. Here's the link "Calling Dubai's Famous "Massage" Cards… What Happens? दुबई के प्रसिद्ध "मसाज" पार्लरों को कॉल किया …देखिए क्या हुआ" https://youtu.be/zTyHOa5rrgI

  2. that’s true man, these guys are good at convincing… if you get scammed call the police, just go back to the shop tell them you have called the police already (show them your phone call history to make it convincing), tell them you are going to police station next. They surely will come straight to the point and refund your money. Threat them, don’t go easy on them, they know they are scamming people, they fear the police, and will refund. Use any means possible, if still not done, go to police.

  3. That true brother,, there are people like that over there in bur Dubai ,, I got cheated like that . Those people are like that those people are passing by you and they will simply start the conversation with you like are you I think you have a some site you wearing glasses you might be need to take something ayurvedic and then they say some names those names we are not able to pronounce it those words which they are saying those are difficult to pronounce to US and then they will say okay let me take You to place ,I don't need any money and then they will take you to the store they ask you to buy 25 dinams date syrup and that cost around 25 aed oh oh then you will realise that is just 25 aed you will think that it's okay I can buy it and then they will take you to the another shop and they make you to buy something they will say you need to take at least 25 portions. They will say you need to take these many portions then it will cure your eyesight something like that and then they will make you to buy and then they will force you to buy like you never even you can't even realise that you had already bought that u r already outside that guy who came with you he will disappear with in a minute. U will lose money it's happened with me please be careful

  4. i watched this video for like 1 minute ands was like , karl karl karl you are the scammer you rae using this scammer to make money on youtune ??? so who is the capatalist scammer then?? yeah Karl is the scammewr. work it out people. karl is teruly pulling your strings saying he wants to educate you incase you travek to these places but he is also making millions getting rich from you watching his youtube videos where he touts people on the street , karl karl karl the scammer.

  5. they have scammed me. Such a shame most of them are from my own country Pakistan and he was Pathan took the swear to ALLAH that he is not lying, These persons have no religion and no ethics. MF looted me.

  6. @karlrock This actually happens with us a man outside market told us that these herbs will help u in cure of ur eyesight and said u don’t need to pay just pray for my health
    I paid $210 for that but then after 20 min me and my friend realise that this seems to be fraud then one shopkepper told us to go back to that herbal shop and said that u will call police we went back there and do the same after an argument of 10’min he gave our money back $200

    Pls be careful about these fraud people they

  7. Oh yes I recently faced this nonsense from a few in the bur dubai area on my trip to Dubai. I immediately sensed it and escaped. Those exactly were his words ' If your hair grows back , pray for my good'.

  8. Hahaha….almost same thing happened to me last year near Sharaf DG Metro Station in Bur Dubai. The guy pointed out on his forehead and asked for helping me concerning my baldness…bought me Ayurverdic and brought me to the shop for 125 dirhams rubbish spices mixed with it. But then I've upon realized that it was a scam so I quickly got out of the store and runaway for safety. Likewise, one of my boarders, had encountered the same modus, nearby in Al Ghubaiba Metro Station, but he threatened to call a police when he upon realized that something was wrong. I knew then that the store owner was an accomplice. So it is very rampant so be very careful with all these scumbags!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. if they ever ask your indian say no im british or amarican reson they ask is they then cominicate to each other without you knowing what theyre saying. that way you can get 1 over on them.

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