How to Make Her Curious About You – 5 Sizzling Techniques to Attract Women

Making a girl curious about you is something that happens during the flirting stage and excitingly, we all love the sensations and the fleeting pleasures that it brings. When a girl starts to be intrigued and mystified to us, we can’t help but get an instant ego-boost and would definitely make you up for more flirting sessions with your girl (or girls). So you’re out on a regular Saturday night, looking your best and making the rounds of your favorite drink, flirting with girls — but they can’t seem to stick around longer that you wanted. What seems to be the problem? Well, stop figuring it out — here are the five sizzling techniques to attract women and how to make her curious about you all night long:

  • Don’t be over eager on the first date. First dates are pretty critical and it’d usually a make or break moment — so don’t ruin it for Cripes’ sakes. We are all excited when we’re out on a date (though a bigger number of men would confess that they’re more nervous than excited) so keep your cool. Flirt, smile, laugh and enjoy the conversation — your subtlety will definitely make her wonder.
  • Never call her more than once everyday. It’s sort of normal to become a little too smitten with someone after your first date. Some people (especially girls always make a good first impression, huh?) and we can’t stop the urge to call them, like, every five minutes. Don’t. Stop. For your own sake — that’s definitely over killing her curiosity about you if you’re 24/7 available.
  • Don’t stalk her. Knowing where she is, where she’s going to next, what she’s doing at 3am — it just downright creepy. Don’t hack into her email, search about her on the web, talk to her friends who don’t even know you. Remember, she’s supposed to be the one doing that to you. So stay put. And do your laundry first.
  • Don’t say yes all the time. When she tells you to pick up her grocery or mow her lawn or be ready in five minutes or else, better hit the road. She’s doesn’t really interested anymore — you better tell her to hire a nanny or something. Try to create an image that you too have a busy schedule and sometimes, you have to squeeze her in — girls are suckers for men who practice responsibility.
  • Talk about your hobbies and other passions. It is an absolute must that you share to her about your hobbies and interests — but not to the point of actually giving her a blow-by-blow account. Same some for later so she would come back for more — and just smile with a secret when she asks about this weekend.

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