Galaxy user guide video: How to add a tag to a usercode

Galaxy user guide video: How to add a tag to a usercode

This video will demonstrate how to add a proximity key tag to a usercode on a Galaxy G3, Galaxy Flex or Galaxy Dimensions control panel. The Galaxy Classic (models 8/18/60/128/500/504/512) and the G2 panels operation is the same but the wording in the menus is slightly different.


10 thoughts on “Galaxy user guide video: How to add a tag to a usercode”

  1. Good afternoon,

    I am trying to add a fob to our existing Galaxy 48 system. Unfortunately it does not show the option of 06 = Card No. and shows 06 = Modify Group. Any suggestions on how I can program it will be appreciated.

  2. There is a slight variation in the menu, my system calls it MAX NO.
    A tip is to program the name as the number on the fob, if a set of keys go missing you know which number to erase

  3. Mate that tutorial is spot on. Can you also tell me how to remove a tag. We had one stolen and we are looking to deactivate it off the system. Problem is, we dont know which user it was assigned to. Any help is greatly appreciated

  4. I have configured TCC800 Fob at Galaxy 48 panel. It is working but it generates 1 tamper zone error message. Logs says it is related to 1008 PA. I have a clue that it has to do with termination a kind of EOL or something. I have nothing connected at RIO 1 and RIO 2 outputs. Could you give me a tip? They are all Honeywell panel based.

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