Fit an Arabian Horse Show Into Your Program Plus WSCA Shows and Other Tips

Why not organize a group outing to a local horse show with your barn, club, team, school, church, or group of friends. If you call most show sales telephone number and ask for a group discount you will very often find the Sales Department can assist you with ticket discounts along with such additional benefits as no service charge, special seating arrangements, promotional materials when available, and personalized service.

One type of horse show is the Arabian horse show. The participants include a ringmaster who coordinates the classes and keeps everything moving along. Judges rate and rank each horse and select the winners. The stewards are given the task of enforcing the rules, and not only the horses misbehave at times! Most of the time the officials are licensed by the American Horse Shows Association, the governing body for most American horse shows.

The Arabians Horse shows are good to watch because these horses are well known for their ability to show their stuff during competition. If you believe your horse has the ability, action, and looks to be a winner, the best way to find out is to enter a horse show. You could go home with some ribbons or even a trophy. Keep in mind that horse shows are offered at many levels from novice to professional.

A very good horse show to attend is a horse show that is a WSCA qualifying show. Every WSCA show is run to a comprehensive rulebook and must comply with their Recommendations For Show Committees. When attend or compete you will be assured that the most important aspects of running a show including choosing and hiring judges, are covered and one competently. His is to be sure that the results are fair, because everyone wants to make sure that talent is given the appreciation it deserves. You can even check the WSCA Judges List on their website. You will also find the WSCA rules for classes and equipment regulations in the rulebook. All this is done without any heavy handed involvement from the WSCA itself. The WSCA does not approve shows, it approves judges and rules of the WSCA rulebook.

Go to a horse show be sure that you know the right names for horses at the show. Boy horses are colts, geldings or stallions. Girl horses are mares or fillys. It would sound pretty lame if you went to a show without knowing these names, or even in the yard or barn you were calling them boy horses or girl horses. You would make yourself sound like you don’t even know the proper terminology for the sexes of horses!

If you are going to go to a horse show show will need the right kit to take and wear. You will need to take your riding outfit and the color and style will vary depending on what type of event you are going to show in. I bring a sheet for my horse and polo/standing wraps, but that is not everyone’s preference. I also bring splint boots. I have special brushes for shows that I keep clean. Other things that are pretty much essential are fly spray and show sheen. I do take shampoo even if I am only going to a one day show. But, that is because my horse is mostly white and always gets dirty in the trailer.

A lunge rope is useful to get the extra bucks out. Plus, I take my tack, with an extra halter and lead in case the others get broken. Also rags are great for wiping down the horse and equipment. A first aid kit for horse and rider is also great. I keep thinking of more and more things I do not think the list will end!

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