European Stonechat (female)

European Stonechat (female)

European Stonechat (female)

The #EuropeanStonechat #SaxicolaRubicola is a small passerine bird that was formerly classed as a subspecies of the common #stonechat. Long considered a member of the thrush family #Turdidae, genetic evidence has placed it and its relatives in the Old World flycatcher family #Muscicapidae.

The stonechat is 11.5–13 cm long and weighs 13–17 g, slightly smaller than the European robin. Both sexes have distinctively short wings, shorter than those of the more migratory whinchat and Siberian stonechat.

European stonechats breed in heathland, coastal dunes and rough grassland with scattered small shrubs and bramble, open gorse, tussocks or heather. They are short-distance migrants or non-migratory, with part of the population (particularly from northeastern parts of the range, where winters are colder) moving south to winter further south in Europe and more widely in north Africa.

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