Escort On The Weirdest Request She Had | Minutes With | @LADbible

Escort On The Weirdest Request She Had | Minutes With | @LADbible

This time we talked with Mia Liu who works as a high-end escort. Mia opened up on how she got into sex work, what she loves about it and what are the weirdest requests she had from her clients.

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33 thoughts on “Escort On The Weirdest Request She Had | Minutes With | @LADbible”

  1. These interviews should always include a question of their childhood, and possibly who abused them as a child. There are so many red flags on denial of ANY bad side to the industry, which are MANY! No protection? Seriously? How is that going to end? This screams self-destruction disguised by having fun. There is a reason why Soft White Underbelly channel is so popular (and why LAD are copying it) – it exposes the reasons behind each decision. No single of the hundred interviews of sex workers had a person that had a proper loving stable childhood. Not a single one.

  2. Hi Mia πŸ™‚ thanks so much for sharing your experience.

    I just want to say that I would really advise you not to see clients in your home. I can imagine it may be easier and you may not want the risk going to a stranger's house. But this can really mess with your boundaries. I have a very close friend who escorted for a while. She loved it and was very positive about it but I could see it started to get too much for her when the clients began coming into her home. She said that going to the clients was better because she could, as we all do, leave the job outside of her home when she got back. She could be herself in her own sacred space. Which is something I can imagine must be very important when you have multiple people entering your space (physically and energetically) most days. Consider keeping something for yourself <3

    In my friend's instance, when that boundary blurred and these men started coming into her house, she said she found it harder to separate herself from what she was doing/ the persona she had created…. I don't know if she was a different sort of case but it really messed her up.

    I don't say this to worry or frighten you, just please take care of yourself. If you do not want to do something or see someone or have a day or a week or a month off, do it. Money is money, and your health is much more fragile than your bank account. It has been lovely reading the supportive comments on here for you. But I think you may be glossing over some of the more uncomfortable parts of this job and brushing them aside as a way of coping. You are very young. And whatever you decide to do in the future, whether you decide to leave the industry or stay, know there is help out there for your transitioning out of this work and there is support available. It may be a good idea to invest in some counselling just to have someone you can use as a sounding board. Counselling and psychotherapy are brilliant tools for anyone, but I would defiantly consider having someone you can talk to who you know will not judge you πŸ™‚

  3. Most interviews I`ve seen from escorts typically say, that when they are with a client, they completely zone out, or stare at the ceiling until it`s over. To hear Mia say how much she enjoys it, and loves the orgasms she receives from her clients, is not typical of what the majority of escorts have to say. It was a very interesting interview, Cheers!!

    Edit: It would seem to me that since technology has kept up with the worlds oldest profession, that escorts aren`t taking a hit in there pocketbooks from Camgirls that became quite popular in the early 2000`s. The camgirl industry has really blown up, and continues to gain popularity! Private shows with a Camgirl are the safest sex one could have. I see the argument about paying for a real girl, and I get the physical aspect of being with an escort.

    However, I`ve also read some very negative experiences from both sides of the coin between escorts, and their clients. You really need to be careful. Numerous posts from clients stating that when the escort arrives, a lot of times they say that they forgot there keys in the car, and drive off after being paid. Escorts stating, that when they arrive to a clients home, or hotel, that the client had terrible hygiene, or how they got ripped off from a client. In the world of Camgirls, that is not the case whatsoever. Personally, I would choose a Camgirl over an escort the way things are today.

  4. What no facial but you do anal, crazy. Anals are really dangerous and if you do a lot of them it really stretches you out while facials are a premium and are 100 percent safe.

  5. She isn't pretty enough to be a High-End Escort. High-End Escort is usually Models/Sophisticated educated girls and Instagram Influencers 10's. This girl is too average-looking and wearing kinky stuff. The title should be changed to just Escort and remove the High End.

  6. If you need proof that pornography has poisoned our society, here you go.

    Imagine being sexually assaulted and thinking it's your fault that you didn't enjoy it because you weren't "experienced enough"

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