What is Sucking?

Sucking is a Form of Oral Stimulation
Sucking is a form of oral stimulation that involves placing one’s mouth around an object or part of the body, such as the lips, nipples, or penis. It can be used as a pleasurable activity between partners during foreplay and intercourse, as well as to provide sexual pleasure and increase arousal. Additionally, it can be used in various BDSM activities to increase sensation. However, it is essential to note that sucking should always be done with consent among all involved parties.

What is Fucking?

Fucking is a Form of Sexual Intercourse
Fucking is a form of sexual intercourse that involves the insertion of one partner’s penis or another object into another partner’s vagina or anus. This can be done through any number of positions and with any combination of partners as long as consent is given by all involved. Fucking typically culminates in orgasm for one or both partners, though it can be pleasurable even without it. It is essential to practice safe sex to protect yourself and your partner from unwanted pregnancies, sexually transmitted infections, and other risks associated with unprotected sex.

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