Elsa Kazi By Sultan Ahmed

Elsa Kazi  By Sultan Ahmed

The late I.I. Kazi the founder of University of Sindh Pakistan went to Europe for his higher education.
In London, he met Elsa and later the couple was married in Germany in 1910.
Elsa was a great women and she had God gifted talent of writing poems.
She was a German writer of one-act plays, short stories, novels and history, and one of the greatest poetesses of her time.
She was also a composer and a musician. She is also famous for her stories for children.
After marriage, Elsa spent few year in London with her husband and later came to Pakistan.
In Pakistan both the husband and wife rendered their services in the field of education
and introduced certain work which are still considered as remarkable
and therefore Elsa is still alive in heart of the people.
She had no children of her own, but all the university students and all the residents of Sindh call her Mother Elsa.
She was ill with a renal problem, and died at the age of 83.
The name of the girls’ hostel in the Mehran University of Engineering and Technology In Jamshoro
and several other buildings are named after her.
This was a story of Elsa Kazi!

Through her poem I came to know about Elsa when I was student of 9th class.
Her poem”Neem Tree” dates me back of my student life.
I’m sharing this poem with you!

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