Dr Qadir Magsi Addressing at Nasim Nagar Chok against L. G Ordinance & Altaf Hussain’s Threat of News Province

Dr Qadir Magsi Addressing  at Nasim Nagar Chok against L. G Ordinance  & Altaf Hussain's Threat of News Province

Sindh Taraqqi-pasand Party (STP) chairman Dr Qadir Magsi has warned that the STP will block all highways leading to Punjab and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa every 5th and 20th of a month in protest against the Sindh People’s Local Government Act and the MQM chief’s statement about division of Sindh.

If the government did not repeal the controversial local government law even after blockades, then the STP would block highways every day, he said while speaking at a gathering at the Nasim Nagar roundabout on Fridat evening.

Dr Magsi said that in the first phase, people of Sindh would stage protests against the SPLGA by blocking highways followed by month-long blockade if the law was not abolished.

Later, he said, the protests would later be held on a daily and weekly basis. Dr Magsi demanded repeal of the SPLGA, removal of the Sindh governor and MQM ministers, deportation of MQM chief Altaf Hussain and a ban on MQM activities in Pakistan. He urged the Chief Justice of Pakistan to take notice of the May 12, 2007 killings in Karachi.

He said MQM chief Altaf Hussain threatened the government to hold elections under the SPLGA or else the party would demand a separate province.

He reiterated that the LG law was aimed at dividing Sindh and accused the PPP of paving the way for MQM’s demand for creation of a separate province.

He said the STP would keep raising voice against the SPLGA from its protest camp at the Naseem Nagar. If the government did not take any notice of the protests the party would widen its scope in phases and finally the announce plan to block highways, he said.

Dr Magsi said that only recently it had dawned upon Sindh Minister for Law Ayaz Soomro that some clauses of the SPLGA contravened the 1973 Constitution. Sindhi people should have reacted and taken to the streets when Mr Hussain issued a threat about division of Sindh but they kept sleeping, he said.

He said that Dr Tahirul Qadri staged a farce and a political circus in Islamabad with the tacit support of President Asif Ali Zardari and the establishment.

President Zardari had planned to use the protest as a pretext to get general elections delayed for at least a year till the end of Chief Justice of Pakistan’s tenure.

It would have given him an opportunity to get himself elected as president for the next five years in order to be able to hold elections under his watch and rig its results to his favour, he claimed.

Dr Magsi said the government always bowed to protesters. It dismissed the Balochistan government under pressure although the apex court had already observed that the provincial government had lost its right to rule but the federal government
preferred inept provincial governments, he said.

He said that PPP minister Sharjeel Inam Memon was beaten up by a crowd protesting against Quetta carnage outside the Bilawal House in Karachi despite the fact that he was being guarded by police and his own private guards. It showed that these ministers would not be able to move around in streets for electioneering without police escorts.

Dr Magsi said that in recent past Sindh home minister Dr Zulfikar Mirza had made tall claims and was declared a lion of Sindh but at the end of the day he proved to be a paper lion.

STP leaders Hyder Shahani, Abdul Hameed Memon, Nandlal Malhi, Dr Hameed Memon and Hakimzadi Thebo also spoke on the occasion.

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