Dating Call Back Rules For Women – Tips to Know When to Call Him Back

The dating call back rules for women tend to be a bit cloudy for most of us. It’s really hard to know when we should be calling back the man in our lives. We’re told by some to call him back immediately and even initiate most of the calls, while other advice warns against that. So what exactly is the right thing to do? When should you be calling back your guy to make yourself irresistible to him?

The most important of the call back rules for women is to always wait to call back your guy. You don’t need to wait hours or days but don’t pick up the phone and call him back the moment you realize you’ve missed his call. Men make judgements about us based on how we handle the issue of telephone calls. They may seem pretty uninterested by that aspect of the relationship, but in reality most men are playing close attention. Women can very easily make themselves appear desperate just by the way they handle phone calls. If you are always waiting by the phone for him or if you call him back as soon as you realize you’ve missed his call, he’s going to see you as someone who is emotionally dependent on him. You’ll also show him that he’s caught you and we all know too well that men love the thrill of the chase when it comes to the woman in their lives.

So how long should you wait to call him back after he’s called or left a voicemail? The answer is dependent on two factors. If he’s called and you see his number on your phone but he’s left no voicemail, don’t call him back. This is one of the call back rules women usually ignore, but shouldn’t. If he didn’t leave a message, you have no reason to return his call, so don’t. If he does leave a voicemail, wait at least 30 minutes to call him back. Let him believe that you aren’t so preoccupied with him and the relationship that you have nothing better to do. If you make him wait a bit to hear from you, he’ll actually find you more appealing.

Source by Gillian Reynolds

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