“Call Girl” Revelation Stunned Him

"Call Girl" Revelation Stunned Him

It’s story time again. I’m a husband who’s been cheated on. I’m posting this anonymously on Reddit because I want to warn other guys out there what can happen. My wife was a call girl while I was working and she would meet her clients at our house. Beware of cheating wives, they’re out there!

Just another crazy story on the channel, Tony’s Cheating Stories


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  1. this is beyond betrayal. Steps to take, STD check, lawyer up, contact vice unit, get no contact order, get all finances in order and see where she was putting her pay checks, if ok in your area sue her. work on yourself, its easy for us to say, but this kind of betrayal takes things to a whole different level. Reason for vice unit, is if she is affiliated with a pimp, his source of income is now halted, and he could focus on you. She will probably open up shop later at another location. She truly is a whore.

  2. Most men think they own their woman when they marry them. No, it us just an open-ended lease with a HEAVY PENALTY for the man if it is canceled.
    No woman is ever yours, it is just your turn with her.

    All men pay for sex, one way or the other. The men renting his wife were smarter than the OP.

  3. Exposer to all her family and friends, divorce her disgusting filthy nasty lying std ass. And thank god that you guys dinโ€™t had any kids, kids that mostly likely not be yours and she would have not known who da father could be. Cuz she has duck da whole town heck the whole county and Iโ€™m not saturating. Men listen, you guys have too know who you getting married too. You guys have too spy on them go through their phones, and donโ€™t feel bad nor guilty. In todayโ€™s age women are really deceivers and good liars an a good poker face and zero remorse for you.

  4. This is another sad story. She had been prostituting herself since before she met him. I don't know? How in the world she thought she was going to get away with it.? She should have told him the truth before she married him. Just say look. I have been doing this because I like the money I make. She probably has a secret bank account with lots of money in it. The poor guy was working hard thinking he wanted to provide her a good life. She has no shame? Doing it behind his back. What an evil selfish person.

  5. "Who was that?..Oh a Mary Kay representative"..came by to drop off a load..smfh.. That 304 had them all paying..and the husband was paying the most in more ways than one! Step off and don't look back, get a lawyer and do a equitable split of the assets and continue on with life. Yes it will be difficult for some months, maybe even talking with someone like a therapist or counselor during this transition is not a bad idea, but as time passes, things will improve. But make sure to get rid of her….NOWWWWW!!!!

  6. First of all I'm really sorry you had to go through this. Your wife has been a professional call girl for years, it's just second nature for her now. Outside of conversion there's not much you can do. Just be thankful she was sloppy enough to have men coming into your house. If she had been more careful you might not have found out for a few more years. I do think she loves you deep down inside because that's why she deceived you into getting married.

  7. Be sure ones sin will find them out…what a tangled web one weaves..when they try to deceive..adultery is spoken of clearly in the bible..hey look at it as a learning experience..you were out trying to provide and she was as bitter as gall..thinking only of herself..I pray you find peace and I hope you find a gold mine

  8. Marriage is a 3 party contract. You, your wife and the state. At the moment you sign the contract you are automatically a minority position in your own affairs. You have a 33% say so in your affairs. Magistrate and Judges do not care if she betrayed you. Terminate the marriage and do not look back. Do not marry again. If a woman truly loves you you will not have to marry her. Now, you are stuck, legally speaking. But, the truth shall set you free.

  9. Get a shark of a lawyer and nuke her from orbit. Let EVERYONE know. And take this as helping her get back on her feet, because now that she's on her own she needs all the business she can get.

  10. If your wife is a call girl you can see in her body her face her attitude. That work destroy the persons brain. After she ducked hundreds she got automatics thoughts… check cognitive theraphy saying i am ungrateful a bitch a bad person. Her husband was providing for her she was a stay at home wife. She liked the money and the sex. Many times these women have drug addiction not blues, coke. Where is all the money she is getting from prostitution? We are talking about hundred of thousands. She loves money.

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