Antalya Night life with @PassengerParamvir | Indian in Turkey Vlog

Antalya Night life with @PassengerParamvir   | Indian in Turkey Vlog

They say Antalya has the best nightlife in Turkey. But is it true ? Lets find out in this vlog 😀
I started travelling Turkey from Istanbul and then visited Izmir and Pamukalle before coming to Antalya. I was here for a few days and let me show you how my first night in Antalya went !

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31 thoughts on “Antalya Night life with @PassengerParamvir | Indian in Turkey Vlog”

  1. very beautiful looking areaYou can have lots of Salad some veg dishes we are not eating Halal for sure. Where to stay at Antalyaa in next 5 years. I want to but lots of pots and Pans that each Country has to offer. Learn different Chutneys, i am looking for comfortable shoes. good Fabric, good scarfs, there are so many items one can buy but what we see or have knowledge of the product, that will sell itself.

  2. ok Halwa ice cream Jalaebee etc , where can you stay cheaper where can you eat no Halal food, where can you eat Veggie, You are fortunate if you know someone who live abroad then makes life easier what to do when you need this that, Antallya mai khan Rukain, where to eat, where to get to eat food to our taste. I have no interest in Sharaab. Kaka you look good in loong haris, Shot hairs you look Horrible.
    What People need to know you booth need to cover ground, Set up a nerwork where people talk to your contact they make all the living and food and shopping areas where to go, Like the Davgan had a women Friend very accute sweet downto earth where she had a Tea Kattle where she made the tea 2 compartments in one tea Kettle I want to buy like that 5 of them so I don;t have to buy again, similarly they may have plenty of Items that shopping can bedone type pf pots and pan material different Designs, I will not travel alone I will travel with 10 people but here in USA I cannot fid any one to go with, from India group tour happens for few people when my health gets better, may be next 5 years, I want prefer India why food is not a problem, Eat out everyday where food is light tasty and low in Carb, Lots of Salad, Chatpata Khata Mitha little teekha, light on stomach, Vaishnuu, Need to learn Places to eat, Dilli has become expensive. out of Dilli where Street vendors can put light on fire, Veg prefered, Chat Paparie Bhalay without sweets, No Sharaab, Puarie Cholay, I want to know where to buy the best Walking Shoes only not dress shoes, Open to lots of Ideas, where to or to contruct the House with Indian Ancient way of Constrction dirt cheap use Chunna Instead. And other Materials makes House Warm in the Winter and Cool in the summer, Village logoe People know they USE Gobar to do the Constrction to build cheap but very strong and temperature Control effecrive,

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