Alice in Wonderland Costumes – Top 3 Sellers This Halloween

Alice in Wonderland Costumes are top sellers in Halloween costumes. A report has come out in the Halloween costume industry recently reporting the top 25 Halloween costume sellers so far for 2010. Of those 25, seven are Alice in Wonderland costumes designed based on the 2010 Tim Burton release of the Alice in Wonderland movie. This is an indication of the quality and affordability of this line of officially licensed Disney products.

This is not only of interest to those who are in the industry but can also be helpful for those trying to decide what costume to wear, and here’s why. People who are buying costumes don’t usually do so on a whim. Halloween costumes are not the kind of items purchased while shopping for the weekly groceries or back to school clothes. People tend to put a lot of thought into buying a Halloween costume.

With the ease of finding costumes online and the huge choices available, customers can do research. They can compare prices, have close up looks at the costumes via fancy mouse over software on the costume sites, they can read the descriptions, check out the accessories and read reviews.

So a top selling list means that after having spent some time researching products, people are purchasing certain items for a reason. Of course Alice in Wonderland is a classic story; couple that with an event like the Tim Burton 2010 release of Alice in Wonderland and a certain amount of interest can be explained. But other movies have come out and there are other popular characters. After all is said and done, a best seller list can be a pretty good indication that people are liking what they see.

Here’s a quick look at how the Alice in Wonderland collection has been selling as well as a brief description of the costumes. Of course all these costumes really need to be seen to be appreciated but here’s a quick rundown of the costumes and their position on the top seller list.

  • Number 1 Seller: The Deluxe Alice Adult Costume – This costume is a sweet Alice dress of blue with a light blue organza overlay.
  • Number 2 Seller: The Red Queen Adult Costume – A full dress with petticoat and heart embellishments, this costume is based on Tim Burtons look for the Red Queen.
  • Number 3 Seller: The Prestige Mad Hatter Adult Costume – a great hat and hair combo with this one, based on the Mad Hatter look as played by Johnny Depp.
  • Number 6 Seller: The Dark Heart Queen Adult Costume – the sexy Queen of Hearts, featuring a shorter skirt.
  • Number 12 Seller: The Mad Hatter Elite Adult Costume – this one is one step up from the Mad Hatter Prestige.
  • Number 13 Seller: The Mischievous Mad Hatter Deluxe Adult Costume – a sexy version for the ladies. This is a beautiful costume with a very interesting train on the back.
  • Number 25 Seller: The Wonderland Queen Deluxe Adult Costume – another sexy version that includes the dress, hat, a shrug, and a train. (not the choo choo kind)

Of course if you are one of those who would rather not follow the crowd, there are dozens of other Alice in Wonderland costumes. There in are in fact over 120 costumes in the Alice collection that include ones for the White Rabbit, Cheshire Cat, Sexy Alice, lots more Queen of Hearts and even the Tweedles. The Tea for Two costume, for instance, is just one of the reversible costumes that can be worn as Alice or the Queen of Hearts. There are even some light up Alice in Wonderland costumes with fiber optic lights and a controller in a hidden pocket of the costume. How much fun is that?

If you are looking for a trip down the rabbit hole this Halloween season, from sweet Alice to Mad as a Hatter, and a Sexy Dark Queen of Hearts, you can have a Wonderland Halloween with the Alice in Wonderland costumes.

Source by Gwen Phillips

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