A Saturday talk

A Saturday talk

Early this year,my girl friend and I quit my job in Shanghai, so did another two friends, we start our camper van trip from south China, drove along the south-west border, across guangdong, yunnan, tibet, till xinjiang, then finally we can leave china from there, hit Pakistan, where we were escort by Pakistan police for more than 1000 km, as the potential threaten from taliban and anti-government group…anyway, it’s a bit scared but interesting as it’s new to us, then it’s super hospitality Iran, not like what BBC or CNN says, Iran for us it’s quite safe and most people are extremely nice and interesting, super fun for couchsurfing, then it’s Turkey, lots of fresh cherry and amazing landscape, and hospitality people too, and beautiful greece, lovely island, then Albania, Kosova, Montenegro, Bosnia, Croatia, Hungury, Czeh, Austria, Germany, Swiss, France, Belgium, Holland, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, then we drove across Siberia of Russia before winter came across, and then went back China from Mongolia, we
did make sure Asia and Euro continent is connected with our own eyes and wheels.

There is always something we want, but we havn’t done yet, why not make a start since the next second. Otherwise dream is always dream.

Filmed with GH3, 60D, gopro hero3+


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